Food Station

We find that these stations create a great vibe, which encourages socialising of guests, all while providing a substantial food element.

TORTILLA – Portuguese chicken skewers/ grilled chilli fish, black bean mole, sour cream, guacamole, tomato salsa, shredded cheese, chilli mayo and fresh tortilla

ROAST MEAT STATION – Roast pork belly, roast lamb leg and roast rump, with chimichurri and salsa verde

BURGER STATION (3 types of patties) – pork and chorizo, wagyu beef, chilli chicken, with sides – caramelized onions, pickled beetroot, lettuce. Cherry tomato relish, fine sliced red onion and fresh herbs

SUSHI AND SASHIMI STATION – Our professional Sashimi Chef, Yanny will prepare his personal delicacies with years of skilled training in modern Japanese cuisine.

CHINESE DIM SUM STATION – Selection of pork buns, dumplings, har gau and spring rolls with spicy plum dressing, sweet chilli dressing and soy lime dressing

SELECTION OF OYSTERS – freshly shucked that day served over ice with a selection of enticing dressings.

SPANISH PAELLA STATION – Saffron scented prawns, calamari, mussels, salmon and white fish, fresh tomato and lemon garlic aioli served from traditional paella pans.


LIQUID NITROGEN ICE CREAM STATION – (minimum of 100 guests)

Our scientific staff will make 2 flavours of ice cream in front of your guest. The guest will then choose the topping of their choice to
compliment their ice cream.

CHEESE STATION – a selection of cheeses suited to the evenings menu selection chosen by your Chef and served with an assortment of crackers, breads, pastes, caramelised nuts and honey.

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