Company Profile

The business of Dundas Taylor Catering is fantastic food, sophisticated cocktails and superb service amidst an elegant, cultivated ambiance.

5696667Dundas Taylor Catering ; fresh, innovative, and driven by passion to be the best, drawing on years of experience in global high-end catering by its personnel.

Executive Chef and director Adam Dundas Taylor was one of the opening chefs of Jamie Oliver’s Restaurant 15. Other milestones include; Nobu, London, voted No. 7 in the top fifty restaurants of the world, Agent Provocateur, Kate Moss, the Parker Bowles family, De Beers, Ruinart champagne, and worked on Elton John’s wedding, Roman Abramovich in Chelsea and at Andrew Lloyd (not two Cap LL’s) Weber’s home, to name a few.

As your chef and planner, Adam crafts a beautiful menu and setting to create a memorable experience for you and your guests. Selection is facilitated by a number of pre-planned menus and packages, or you can create your own unique package.

Adam’s approach to food is simple; it has to be fresh, in season and wholesome, his idea of what fine food creates is a great communication tool that brings people together.

Dundas Taylor Catering
PO Box 7209 Bondi Beach NSW 2026
ph: 80907556 Mob: T 0410362436